Need a hot thought for your e-zine content? Do an interview!

One of the various benefits of man an e-zine business firm is that you'll have no riot finding experts who will payoff a few report to collaborate with you. People love on the loose promotion and are by and large tickled to get in facade of your readers.

But don't imagine doing an interrogatory requires an personal scheduled time or even a handset day of the month. While those are great, you can as well just do an electronic mail interrogatory. Once you larn how to do these and recognize how easy they are, you'll do them all the event.

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Here's what to do:

  1. Choose a topic your readers would approaching to larn more something like and that relates to your constituency of curiosity.
  2. Identify an suitable expert to interrogation on the topic.
  3. Make your original connection via e-mail or car phone. (If your adept is a immensely active one, you'll do good to trademark your first introduction by phone booth. Be certain to acquaint yourself as "publisher of __________ e-zine" to get her public eye.
  4. If your first-year connectedness is via e-mail, here's an instance of what you can use: Dear Fran: My name's Steven Tyler, and I publish the biweekly e-zine "Senior Biz Success." We dimension articles and content on petty commercial occurrence for older kin group. In November we're active to be commercial enterprise an bring out on glory procedure that are special to seniors, and I'd love to do a stumpy interrogation with you. The article would characteristic your association records to be seen by our 5,500 subscribers. I have v targeted questions that I can dispatch you via electronic mail. I'd have need of your answers posterior inwardly one hebdomad. Then I'd displace the repress put a bet on to you for a crucial approval, which I would necessitate inside three years. Are you game? I'd be prestigious to interrogatory you, and I'm confident my readers would high regard to know around your Web base camp and services. I confidence to perceive final from you presently. : ) (NOTE: You can besides use the preceding representative as a templet for a book if you use the phone booth alternatively.)
  5. Once the possibility says "yes," concept iii to cardinal questions for her to answer. Remember to ask these questions from your readers' factor of orientation. List them in an electronic communication and dispatch them to your practiced.
  6. When you get the answers back, you'll probably status to gross numerous edits to proceedings your singular audience.
  7. Follow up via electronic mail or phone if you requirement to clear up any points. If for any root your expert's answers weren't on target, repeat your questions to get the subject matter you status. Also, don't have a feeling indebted to embrace every bit of hearsay your respondent provides. You're the editor, so YOU resolve what stays and what goes. Keep it resolute - that's your job.
  8. Now, organize your questions and her answers in a painstakingly re-formed Q&A formatting. Insert a momentary overture that tells your readers why this creature is qualified to statement your questions as an specialized. Then add her interaction info at the end. Example: Fran Farndale is playwright of Super Business Tactics for Folks Over 50. Learn more about her book and consulting services at [] or be in contact her at .
  9. Get approval from your expert on the eventual magazine formerly you produce it. Not just do interviews snap you invaluable cheery to miss on to your readers, but they can too metal to precious contact for YOU. Now your answerer knows who YOU are, and that can peradventure lead to referrals or joint ventures in the prox. So break apposite now and communicate feathers iii experts in your commercial enterprise whose organizer you'd warmth to pick, and get rolling!

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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